13 – Finishing Touches

This week saw a lot of interesting developments. Our producer generated a great list of tasks for us programmers to work through, of varying difficulty and complexity. I did things like add starting and ending buttons on scrolls for kanji drop. My lead added in some great new UI for it as well. I also […]

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12 – Sound and Swiper

I started this week off by implementing some more music. We worked through sound errors that made us otherwise have to use the large .wav file type. Ultimately, we went with .ogg files to keep the data usage low. I also worked on making it so that an intro piece of music could transition smoothly […]

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11 – Herculean

This week, a miracle was achieved. I, Mary Scheyder, managed to get our epic Kanji Masterpiece onto an iOS device. It doesn’t seem like this would be that difficult of a task. After all, Unity builds directly to iOS files. However, the process was especially arduous. Getting Xcode installed and running was challenging in and […]

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10 – Alpha 5

This week we had Alpha presentations! This meant that we had to have all of our major mechanics into the game. It was nice to see my Kanji Drop actually implemented into a compiled apk. I didn’t play it on a tablet but I’m sure it was flawless through and through. Speaking of its imperfections, […]

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9 – Game Emersion

This week we all slowly emerged from our Spring Break hibernation and got back into the mindset of work. We had to complete our Senior Book documents and got to practice resume building. Many of us took or retook professional pictures this week, as well.  It was exciting to see just how much we’ve learned […]

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8 – Kanji Conquered

This week, I successfully completed Kanji Drop! I owe much of my success to our Lead Programmer. He helped me with both of my issues described in my last blog: visibility and collision. You know, the only two things you really need to make a game, a game. The visibility issue was happening because a […]

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7 – Acceleration

Last Sunday began with a flurry of last minute changes for our representatives going to GDC. I worked specifically on fixing some sound bugs and adding in the music for our win and lose screens. I got it so that the stroke sound effects worked in every room. This has already been helpful in solidifying […]

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